[Coco] CocoFest postponed

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Sun Mar 15 12:46:55 EDT 2020

On Mar 15, 2020, at 9:45 AM, Carlos Camacho <idevgames at gmail.com> wrote:
> If memory serves correct, October is Tandy Assembly... might be a radical
> idea, for a unique year, but how about a co-hosted show? If both shows are
> within a month of each other, might reduce attendance to both... not good.
> I understand CoCoFest means 'Chicago' and any talk of not Chicago is
> heresy... though most members of the club are now outside Chicago I
> suppose. Well, I'm rambling but thought to throw it out there.

Let’s start with this... how many people go to both?

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