[Coco] Atom IDE + toolshed

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:30:55 EDT 2020

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 1:40 AM <pfitchjr at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion. I think it almost worked<g>, but I'm still getting errors like .
> copy: error 215 on file ''rogue128.dsk,./OS9Boot'': badly formed pathname
> makdir: error 214 creating 'Rogue,.CMDS'
> os9 copy 'rogue128.dsk,./OS9Boot' 'Rogue,.OS9Boot' -r -b=245760
> os9 makdir "Rogue,.CMDS"
> dsave: error 214 encountered during save

Actually, it works here both with and without the dots. Toolshed can
deal with the leading slashes. However I think the issue is that you
have a colon in the destination part "E:\Rogue,". Searching my mail
box I see that this was discussed here 4 years ago, but no clear
conclusion on how to fix it came out of it.

The problem is that the colon is used to designate an HDB-DOS sub-disk
(floppy image), like IMAGE:23,FILE
Now if an image file name is C, it would be C:23,FILE which could also
mean a file "23" on the current directory of the C drive on a Windows
computer. I guess there is no perfect solution, but I can suggest
enforcing HDBDOS image names to be at least two characters long, and
interpret one letter + colon as a Windows drive.

BTW, in your first post you wrote:
"os9.exe" dsave -b=24k -r rogue128.dsk, E:\Rogue,
and that it produced:
os9 copy 'rogue128.dsk,/OS9Boot' 'Rogue,OS9Boot' -r -b=245760
thus without "E:\". Was that correct?

Can you please move the destination image file Rogue to the current
drive and confirm that it works?

> I think I'm going to have to have the output of dsave post processed to remove the "/" and not add the "." at all.  The os9 copy instructions don't have leading slashes, even when they show you how to drill down one or more directorys on the floppy image.

I think it would be most natural that dsave does not add the leading
slash after the image file name and comma. I might have a fix for


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