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Issues with toolshed. -->First let me say this is an outstanding package, I'm just finding its much more command line oriented than batch file oriented. Which unfortunately is giving me grief.

Example - os9.exe dsave 

The following line in an MSdos batch file
 "os9.exe" dsave -b=24k -r rogue128.dsk, E:\Rogue,

Generates the following additional lines which are to be run one at a time. (if I had selected the -e switch)

os9 copy 'rogue128.dsk,/OS9Boot' 'Rogue,OS9Boot' -r -b=245760
os9 makdir "Rogue,CMDS"
os9 copy 'rogue128.dsk,/CMDS/shell' 'Rogue,CMDS/shell' -r -b=245760
os9 copy 'rogue128.dsk,/CMDS/grfdrv' 'Rogue,CMDS/grfdrv' -r -b=245760

the problem is the leading slashes on the floppy image side of the equation. Not sure if that’s a bug or no one considered the impact of automation on the 'host' side while using these commands. 

And the makdir command is not happy either because it doesn't realize its working on the 'host' side as well.

I'm sure there's a way to use another batch file and 'dir' and 'copy' to work around this, but my head hurts right now.

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I've created a git repo with the scripts, etc., I use with Atom.  Perhaps this will help you?



On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 7:15 PM <pfitchjr at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Ron, I recently saw your video concerning setting up ATOM as a 
> development system with DW and MAME. I'd like to setup a similar 
> system using DW and VCC, and get a syntax going for Basic09.  However, 
> the shell commands and getting files onto and off of floppy .dsk 
> images is looking a bit daunting.
> I have setup ATOM and installed the CocoBasic language syntax.  I'm 
> just stumbling along on getting the files into and out of the VCC 
> emulator. I figure if I can work out the DECB side, the OS9 side will 
> follow easily enough.
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