[Coco] NitrOS9 with WifiModem

Doug Fraser zathrasldf at outlook.com
Sun Mar 1 17:27:19 EST 2020

Hi guys, I've assembled Allan Huffman's WiFimodem and have had success using GEterm and UltimaTerm to access some telnet BBS's and it's awesome even though the speed is at 1200bps. I've got the modem connected to the bitbanger port as my rs232  pak has packed it in. I've been unsuccessful so far to get the bitbanger port to function from NitrOS9 and I'm looking for help. This question is for those NitrOS9 gurus. The system is a CC3 with 2meg ram. I've placed scbbt.dr and t1_scbbt.dd modules into my OS9Boot file but have had no success connecting via WiFimodem. Are there some steps I'm missing to successfully connect?

Thanks in advance,
Doug Fraser
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