[Coco] Fuzix Update

Brett Gordon beretta42 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:53:12 EDT 2020

> These were my observations.
> I see that there is no dir command and that ls
> lists things vertically allowing for very few items
> to show I suppose an option changes this but man ls
> tells me there is no manual entry for ls.
sorry no wide listings yet, try "ls | more"

> What I would really like that would make Fuzix useful to me.
> 0. I assume there is a shutdown command if there isn't
>     there should be.

amazingly it's called "shutdown"  :)

> 1. wget & ftp-client the fuzix system should have it's
>     own IP in the network.

yes it has a network stack.  "htget" is the fuzix version of wget.  No
there's no FTP.

2. The ability to mount OS9, vfat, iso and RSDOS drives.

maybe someday we'll have a vfs, but until then....

> 3. Remote access with ssh.

that's a tall order, as it requires some heavy math skills and a person
super familiar with (de)encryption.  and it all has to work on a 6809/z80.
If you can live without encryption, you can edit /etc/inittab to turn on
the drivewire tty getty(s), and log in via TELNET via network.

> 4. nano instead of vi

yeah, we have like 4 different vi's  Nano is quite new to the linux scene.
a port of nano would be tremendous.  I took a look at nano's code, and it
seems "big" despite its name.

> 5. More robust file system loosing power should
>     not destroy the system. Repair should not mean
>     haveing to type y a hundred times.
It tooks linux near 10 years to get a journaling FS (ext3), and yes, linux
fsck is also hitting "y" a billion times too. I think Alan has mentioned
giving us platform peeps the ability to turn off block caching, which *may*
help the FS stay stable on a power failure.  Rule No. 1 in unix:  shutdown
properly.  Rule No. 2: See rule no 1.  I believe fsck is *purposely*
painful to enforce rule no 1.  :)

> These are the MINIMUM.
> Extended Wish List: These would be nice but not so necessary.
> 1. A browser like lynx or elinks with support for
> the drivewire protocol.

that would be cool.

> 2. Use of the arrow keys to call back commands.

already working on that. I love me some history, too.

3. A file browse like Midnight Commander.

I forgot about MC, yeah that's a great idea too!

Please remember that FUZIX is an fully open source project (meaning we'll
consider patches from anyone, and make those patches fully public in short
order).  Github is our repo site: https://github.com/EtchedPixels/FUZIX.
Or just email patches to Alan, or me (if its pertaining to coco3), or
Tormod (if its pertaining to the dragon/coco2)


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