[Coco] Modern video options for CoCos?

Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 14:53:06 EDT 2020

The CoCo 3 can be converted to work on an HDMI display as follows:

You'll need the "Switch a Roo" cable from http://cocoman.biz
This takes the RGB output from the bottom of the CoCo 3, and the composite
video out and converts them to a SCART connector.

You'll then need a SCART-to-HDMI converter box, which averages about $35 on
Amazon to convert get you the HDMI out you'll ultimately need.

The Switch-a-roo cable will grab the audio from the RGB out, and grab the
composite (Which is also needs for a sync signal), and there is a toggle
switch that will let you flip between the RGB colors and clean picture, and
the composite out when you need artifacts, this is probably going to be
your most cost effective solution.

The CoCo 1 & 2 have stock RF out, and you'll need to either do a composite
mod on them, and then get an composite to HDMI adapter, or some other form
of analog-to-digital converter box which will probably be less common.
The CoCoVGA is a great upgrade, and has a lot of value added features, and
I own one, but, if you're just trying to get a monitor to work, it may be
overkill, it's about $100, and only outputs VGA, if your displays don't
have VGA input, you'd then need VGA-to-HDMI, etc.

Quite frankly, the CoCo RF out isn't too bad when you use a coax cable and
then get an coax F-type to RCA adapter to tap into the RF out of the CoCo,
and there are probably a lot of really cheap older flat panel TV's you
could get from GoodWill for probably $10 that would get the RF tuned into
channel 3/4 and look pretty good, I've done this, and don't complain about
the picture or sound quality.

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On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 4:58 PM Rick Ulland <rickulland1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> You are correct, I was being a dunderhead. My little test bench has a
> similar device buried in the cable pile and I crossed the streams.
> Sorry to waste your time.
> -rick
> On 7/12/20 3:06 PM, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> > On 7/12/20 10:32 AM, Rick Ulland wrote:
> >> If you go to eBay and search 'rf modulator video converter' there
> >> will be tons of them for $15 - $20. I know, because I (conect2020)
> >> have several listed.
> >> This will split your ch3/4 output into composite video (sometimes
> >> S-video as well) and standard RCA audio jacks.
> >
> > I just went thru two pages of them and they are all audio/video
> > in and channel 3/4 rf out.
> >
> > bill
> >
> >
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