[Coco] Looking for CoCo3FPGA archive?

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Thu Jul 9 13:11:06 EDT 2020

Hey all,

A member of the FB group was trying to get ahold of the following file:


...described at this link:


I contacted Brian (thought he was the author - guess not) and he said to 
contact this list, so here I yam.

Unfortunately, the file was in a Yahoo group files area that no longer 
exists - does anyone have a copy? I'd like it not only for the 
aforementioned member, but because I also own a couple of those boards 
meant for the project, and I'm not sure I have a copy!

Or - if anyone knows where the whole project went to, etc (github? I 
haven't checked)...?


Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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