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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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The real problem with the NitrOS9 repo needing to be converted (as opposed to converting one file at a time) is there is literally over 1000 files in the repo...
Even as a batch operation, that's a lot of files to be converting. It needs to be done once, and kept that way.
The problem is we have various people posting from various machine types and no one is using any form of standard.
The PC build process doesn't care one way or the other, but when you move things to NitrOS9 to use the sources there, it REALLY makes a difference.

Bill P.

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In other environments, such as Microware official distributions, there were native, Unix and PC hosts and the files were, I believe, in their local formats. Microware switched to just PC hosted during my time there, but I know for sure the native packages were all OS-9 format.

Since people pull down one Disto to to build on Mac, PC, or Linux, which did the district choose? I forgot what Mac uses. I just know I never cared for PC files needing both a new line and carriage return at the end of each line. :)

The problem will happen as folks check stuff in and out.  A previous job I had stored all the files in the repository in Unix format, and converted on the way out automatically by the version control tool. But, sometimes buttons didn’t get clicked correctly and you’d have a file with a block of updates in it in the wrong format.

Can our version control platform take care of this for us?

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