[Coco] Melted Keyboard Repair

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Mon Feb 3 23:31:30 EST 2020

So, now that you've cut the plastic welds off, how are you going to hold
the keyboard together after you reassemble it?

I'm betting the little metal balls serve no purpose at all, but somehow
crept in during manufacturing.  Maybe they were dandruff in the hair of a
robot that put the thing together.


On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 10:16 PM Kevin Becker <kevin at kevinbecker.org> wrote:

> So I took a razor and clipped all the plastic welds holding the
> keyboard in place.  Quite a few had broken off already, which I assume
> was the source of the issue.  The good news is that my mylar membrane
> is in great shape.  The faulty keys were due to the small springs that
> press against the mylar coming loose on the problematic keys.  Probably
> because the broken plastic welds allowed the keyboard to flex enough
> for them to get loose.  The rattling sound has me really puzzled
> though.  I'm sure the springs were part of it, but the majority seems
> to have come from a bunch of small metal balls loose inside the
> keyboard.  I think there were 9 of them.  They are much smaller than a
> BB, more like the ball in a ballpoint pen, but a bit bigger than
> those.  Does anyone know what purpose they could possibly serve?

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