[Coco] Selling Coco games, original manuals and more

Robin Lavallée robin at guibec.com
Sat Feb 1 14:38:47 EST 2020


I'm downsizing and moving to another home and selling all my Coco related
accessories. If anyone is interested in local pick up, I live in the Bay

Here's the Craiglist ads:

- Thexder + Original Manual
- Temple of Rom + Original Manual
- Dungeos of Daggorath + Original Manual
- Zaxxon Game + Original Manual
- Flight Simulator II Manual
- Typing Tutor Game + Original Manual
- Radio Ball Manual
- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Game + Manual
- Color Computer Deluxe Joystick + Manual

- Introducing Your Color Computer 3 Manual
- Color Computer Disk System Quick Reference Guide
- Color Computer Disk System Programming Manual
- Computer Cassette Recorder Operation Manual (CCR-81)
- Kids to Kids on the Color Computer Book
- Radio Shack Supplemental Software Catalog
- Floppy Diskettes (10+)
- Misc Notes
- Blank Computer Cassette
- Blank Floppy Diskettes
- Assorted Cables


I'm hoping a follow Coco enthusiast will pick them up and make good usage
of them.

Thank you !

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