[Coco] New converted Games for the Tano/Dragon

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 05:27:21 EST 2019

Hello Tano/Dragon users,
I just wanted to let you know that L. Curtis Boyle has been optimizing 
some CoCo games
to take advantage of the CPU HD6309. He published them on the Facebook 
group and then
kindly sent to me the original versions for MC6809.
Five out of six of these games were never published for the Tano/Dragon, 
so we are happy
to have a few nice games to add to our collection!

I have converted for the Dragon machines both versions of these games
For each game you will find two VDK files, one for the 6309 and another 
for the 6809
The use to include a bas file to start the game. Else just RUN"GAMENAME.BIN"

The games are:
- Color car Action (1984) (Diecom Products)
- F-16 Assault (1986) (Diecom Products) - requires 64k
- Gantelet (1986) (Diecom Products) - requires 64k
- Marble Maze (1985) (Diecom Products)
- Rush'n Assault (1988) (Diecom Products) - requieres 64k

and finally an old known one
- Touchstone (1984)(Microdeal)

I have put in each disk the game as it was designed (artifacted PM4) and 
modified for PM3
The definition loss in PM3 makes them a bit worse, but you can choose 
the one you'd prefer to play

You will find info about them and the zip files to be downloaded in this 
There are a few screenshots included too



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