[Coco] Writing a virtual GPU / FPU device.

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Although it’s not complete, but thanks Jim.  I was looking for the same type of thing.  I do have a question though.  You have blue as Alternate Primary, is this a ghost image of the device? I.E. if I Poke to $FF50 for the Glenside does the same value appear at $FF70?

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I believe that such a list does exist but my very well trained dog (Google) did not present the list I have seen before, but many other results for "coco memory map". If I include "coco in a Google search it
knows exactly what I want, 3-4 pages of documents all over the web that are very detailed about the coco memory map.

http://www.colorcomputerarchive.com/coco/Documents/Books/ColorComputerMemoryMap.pdf is not that list but a document that I have not seen before.

My apologies for resurrecting an old thread.  Still getting caught up on the list.

I had trouble finding a reasonable list a few years back, so I created an Excel version that I could filter by address.  Feel free to use if desired, and send me updates to put back on the site.  I quit when I had enough to handle the project I was working on at the time, so it's no doubt incomplete.  I don't think I've updated to include some of the newer projects.



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