[Coco] My first CoCo device (virtual)

Walter Zambotti zambotti at iinet.net.au
Wed May 29 01:26:43 EDT 2019

I have been playing around with writing a virtual device module for OVCC.


It provides a FPU and a GPU.


The fpu has all the usual functions and is performing well. The FPU uses DMA
to fetch values and write results directly into CoCo memory.


The GPU is still in its infancy but it can draw pixels and lines and it also
uses DMA to draw directly into CoCo memory.


I now need to replace cfloats.a in clib.l with a version that can take
advantage of the FPU.


I suppose I would need to change the graphics driver and libraries to take
advantage of the GPU.




Ps OVCC on github is now public so everyone can see the code.

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