[Coco] CoCoPi - unusable sluggish trackpad on Raspberry Pi

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Tue May 21 16:46:01 EDT 2019

On Tuesday 21 May 2019 02:05:34 pm Allen Huffman wrote:

> I just got in an all-in-one AmazonBasics keyboard with a trackpad
> built in, hoping it would simplify trying to use MultiVue and such on
> CoCoPi.
> I found the mouse was completely unusable (slow, sluggish, lagging) in
> GShell. I then booted into a stock NOOBS Pi and saw the same problem
> there, which was good - at least I know it’s not MAME.
> I found some tips online that say you can edit:
> /boot/cmdline.txt
> and add
> usbhid.mousepoll=0
I recall having to do that to my pi3b running my lathe. Also, as soon as 
its rebooted, goto the gui menu and pull down the keyboard/mouse thing 
and change the keyboard repeat speed to something civilized, the bootup 
leaves it at around 500 cps, enough to drown the poor pi. Set it for 15 
or so and its a happy little lamb until the next reboot. Which, 
depending on my line power as I don't have a ups on it, might be later 
today or several months.

I should get a teeny one for it, something that can handle 30 watts for 
the 7 or 8 seconds it takes for my 20kw nat gas to get up to speed and 
take over. I'd like to do the whole lathe but that would take a 4kw unit 
outputting at 250 volts because the spindle vfd is running a 1 hp 3 
phase motor.  That size does get very expen$ive.

> …to the end, then save and reboot.
> Now it works fine.
> Does anyone know what the issue is? I have another wireless mini
> keyboard with a built in trackpad that I think works fine.
> Placing this message here in case someone else needs the tip.
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