[Coco] Wanted: Hi Res Joystick Adapter

Mark mpacan at flutterball.com
Mon May 20 23:15:43 EDT 2019

   Just returned to the coco after a 30 year absence.  Started
   accumulating things and recreating my old setup, with a CoCo 2 and 3,
   along with a cassette, Boomerang 512kb upgrade, just made a Scart to
   HDMI adapter and also got an amazing CoCoSDC.  Loving the memories
   associated with all the old programs and many new ones to me.
   Been on the lookout for a High Res Joystick Adapter, but have not seen
   one come up for sale. Does anyone have one they would be willing to
   part with?  If so send me a message with the price plus shipping to
   Toronto Canada.
   Thanks a ton in advance,

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