[Coco] OVCC for Raspberry PI Raspbian Stretch

Walter Zambotti zambotti at iinet.net.au
Thu May 16 01:56:00 EDT 2019

Someone asked regarding this and so.


I have managed to get OVCC working on the Raspberry PI Raspbian

But the performance is so bad I will not be releasing it.


On the the 3B+ it manages 3fps throttled and 30 fps un-throttled.


Unfortunately the SDL2 libraries for Raspbian are not optimised or
accelerated and worse appear broken.


The 30 fps in un-throttled mode does not work properly with a screen update
occurring every several seconds.


There is another version available for the PI that runs under Ubuntu Mate


I have run this and it operates at 15fps max when set to 1.89mhz.  This is
only a quarter of the 60fps required
for normal operation.


This is hardly ideal.


Unfortunately OVCC requires a to b run in a Window manager and cannot be run
directly on the graphics device.


What most SBC arm systems do is run specialised emulators that provide
graphics without a window manager.


Like MAME!


I think MAME on Arm Linux would be the best option for a CoCo emulator on
such low powered systems.



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