[Coco] XRoar for Mac OS X

Ciaran Anscomb cocomalt at 6809.org.uk
Mon May 13 16:51:49 EDT 2019

Those of you that use both these things have probably noticed a missing
download of late.  Basically, I lost access to any modern enough macs
that I could put arbitrary software on[1].  Building on my old powerbook
yielded binaries that didn't seem to quite work right on anything
vaguely recent.

But over the weekend, my other half decided I could use her old macbook
air, so I threw homebrew on it and updated all the macosx UI code.

All seems to be working, so a shiny new build is available for download:


I might look into getting it "notarised", but for now you'll need to do
the security tab shuffle to get it to run.  I assume mac users are used
to this...


[1] This probably describes all macs soon, once apple have finished
    building a wall around their garden, trapping themselves inside...

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