[Coco] MyRam vs, Rammer

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Mon May 13 11:08:05 EDT 2019

The version of RAMMER in EOU 4 should allow deinizing to return RAM to the system, and then DMODEing a new setup and re-inizing /formatting again. The reason you may have to deiniz more than once is that there is still an open path to /r0 somewheres (maybe a SHELL has a CD/CHD to /r0, etc.). I will agree that MYRAM is simpler to setup/run than RAMMER. I personally do use /MD for debugging, which is my main reason for using RAMMER (and, back in the day when I used floppies a lot more often, it was nice to do BACKUP’s in a single pass, even when using odd things like 20 sector/track disks).

L. Curtis Boyle
curtisboyle at sasktel.net

> On May 12, 2019, at 6:55 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco <coco at maltedmedia.com> wrote:
> I've been using "MyRam" for about 6 years now and had little if no problems. I was originally using Rammer, but had it crash my system several times, hence why I switched to MyRam. But, that was back when the repo was in limbo and was suffering from an incomplete switch from Toolshed to LWTools as well as from CVS to Mercurial, so there were problems with anything in the repo at the time. Rammer may well be stable now.
> The thing I like about MyRam is the ability to shut it down on the fly to get memory back or restart it with a different size while running... no reboot required. Also MyRam needs no "iniz" or "init"... just run it. if you do a "dir /r0" and MyRam hasn't been initialized, it immediately inits itself, then formats itself before displaying the dir. To stop it, just "deiniz /r0" (for some reason, sometimes I have to do this twice) and it's gone with memory returned to OS-9. To change the size, first "deiniz /r0", then "dmode /r0 sct=xxxx" then "dir /r0" and it's ready. Couldn't get much easier than that!
> B. Pierce

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