[Coco] OVCC for ARM 32 bit?

Walter Zambotti zambotti at iinet.net.au
Tue May 7 20:45:28 EDT 2019

Hi guys.

So there is an Arm 32 armhf version floating around?

Or are you saying the Ubuntu MATE for the Raspberry PI is 64 bit and that is how ovcc is running on the PI!

I have OVCC compiled on a PI 3B+ raspbian stretch and it almost works.

I had to build SDL2 as the repo version 2.0.5 was not a late enough version.

It works, just, at 1 fps !!!  So I think I missed hardware acceleration in my SDL2 build.

Let me know where I can download the OVCC armhf version (if there is one).

Also let me know where you got the necessary SDL2.  


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> Apologies for not updating sooner.

> I switched my RPi 3 B+ over to Ubuntu MATE, then I was able to add 
> Tormod's PPA and install it. It indeed runs; now I'm trying ti figure 
> out why I can't seem to "insert" a DOS cartridge and have it 
> run--after I do so, the emulator stops in the middle of displaying the BASIC banner.

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