[Coco] memory expansion, SPI interface with VGA output

Henri Mainville henrymainville at gmail.com
Wed May 1 08:36:53 EDT 2019

Sounds like a lot to ask for, and who has it all ? I think Tormod's MOOH 
<http://tormod.me/mooh.html> might have provided enough functionality to 
make it possible.

Thanks to the work of Tormod, CoCo/Dragon users can get a memory 
expansion board with an SPI and MicroSD interface which helps greatly if 
you want expanded functionality and ease of development on the CoCo/Dragon.

In the mean time, there's a project I've been keeping my eye on which 
has been the VGATonic 
serial VGA graphics module which is targeted towards microcontrollers 
and embedded devices with exposed SPI or TTL interfaces and capable of 
driving a display at 640x480 
on your serial speed.

I think these two modules might make the perfect combo for modernizing 
6809-based computers like CoCO/Dragon but it might need a bit of dev 
work on drivers for NitrOS-9 or FUZIX to detect the SPI interface and 
drive the video module connected to it.

I don't know for sure if it's even feasible but I would think so and I 
also wanted to share incase anyone else was curious.

Have a nice day and happy hacking!


Henri Mainville

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