[Coco] OS9 Script scope.

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Mon Feb 25 20:24:55 EST 2019

  When a paticular Nitro system I am working with starts up it runs the
  "startup" program.

  One command in the startup script is

  cx /x2/cmds

  to access the much larger set of commands on the drive wire server as 
  the 35 track /dd.

  If I start a new shell from the script with

  shell i=/w7&

  it has access to all these extra commands.

  But the /term window loses access to the drive wire command directory 
as soon as
  the startup script exits and I need to type cx /x2/cmds to gain access 

  Is there any way to make the cx /x2/cmds in startup stick around after 
startup exits.

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