[Coco] AGD game packs - how many?

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 08:48:45 EST 2019

let me answer all these questions in just one message.
Firs of all, I have already converted 132 games and might
convert a few more along next month.
As I am releasing two 6-games packs every week and till #19
there are 104 games published, we could say that we are getting
close to the end of this conversion project (next 2-4 weeks)
Besides these games, I have some others that cannot be converted
to std AGD files, so some analysis should have to be done it we
ever wanted to increase even more the number of AGD conevrted
games. We will see ... challenges are always interesting ;-)

All of these zip packs can be freely dowloaded from both webs,
The one from archive.worldofdragon and the spanish retrowiki
This one is the Uploads section of the first one above
 From that point you can open any related to AGD converted games
And this one is the same from spanish retrowiki

@Bill Pierce
I didn't forget to add the zips, in fact I cannot do that in the
maltedmedia list messages. What I forgot to do was delete this
sentence that is exactly the same I wrote in those webs, sorry!
You will find v1.1 of that game in the same webs in an individual
thread I created for this update.
Till tomorrow ... for pack #20

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