[Coco] Workkng on fig Forth for 6809

M. David Johnson mdj at bds-soft.com
Fri Feb 8 12:37:41 EST 2019

Sounds like a fun, if frustrating, project.

I'm afraid I'm buried far in the past and don't understand modern version control systems well at all. And, is that Korean mixed in with the English? (Owww! My head hurts!) 

One question though: I'm looking at page https://ja.osdn.net/projects/fig-forth-6809/scm/git/fig-forth-6809/commits/02ea0f0936f7d9c1a09884982449886c023c1297 and I come upon this line:

644	674	 DBGRrt	PULS	CC,A,B,DP,X,Y,U,PC

but I don't see anything above which I recognize as a PSHS of those registers to the stack.

 I'm sure I must be missing something, but what is it?

Is it that obvious? (Is everybody laughing at me??)

M. David Johnson
mdj at bds-soft.com

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I'm working on converting an early fig Forth model for the 6800 to the
6809, just because I don't like the usual routes taken with other fig

I have two paths, one uses the 6809 call architecture, calling leaf words
with jsr/rts. The other uses an optimized fig VM model, calling the leaf
words with a jump and returning by jumping back to NEXT.

Both are currently buggy. The NEXT model does not uet compile, and the RTS
model still has trouble with the disk emulation.

But, if anyone is interested in playing around with the buggy code, it's


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