[Coco] [Color Computer] Yahoo has blocked all files etc

shadow@shadowgard.com [ColorComputer] ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com
Fri Dec 20 09:56:47 EST 2019

On 16 Dec 2019 at 13:54, Neil Morrison neilsmorr at gmail wrote:

> Yahoo has blocked access to files, photos, links etc. I assume the
> data is still there, since they claim you can download your own stuff
> until January, however no one can access anything except their own
> messages or uploads, not even moderators. 

>From what I understand from posts I've seen elsewhere, Yahoo's 
download offer actually gets *all* the messages and files for the 
groups. Doesn't get *any* photos.

I'm having to rely on hearsay, because I put in a request, and have 
links to 7 2 gb files.

Slight problem. I can't *download* them. I can start a download in a 
browser, but when it errors out, there's no way to resume it. I have 
to start over.

I tried adding a utility that can resume (Internet download 
Accelerator) but it doesn't seem to be able to resume either.

Part of the problem is that they are using extra security for the 
download links. I have 2 factor authentication turned *off*, but to 
get to the links, I not only have to give my userid and password, but 
it insists on sending me an email with a 4 letter code to enter.

after a bit the links on the page don't work anymore, and refreshing 
it has me go thru the whole rigamarole again.

If anybody has actually gotten this to work, please tell me how!

and (of course) yahoo doesn't have anything remotely close on their 
help links.
Leonard Erickson (aka shadow)
shadow at shadowgard dot com

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