[Coco] CoCo converted games for the Tano/Dragon

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 05:12:41 EST 2019

I have just converted another game from CoCo. I got it from L.Curtis 
Boyle who corrected a flaw that made it crash when played on a machine 
with a HD6309
This game was never published for the Tano/Dragon computers ...
- Bugs-II (1984)(Four Star Software)
The game plays without problems on our machines even with keyboard, at 
least I hope so.
I have converted all the native checks done by the program for every 
keypress it waits for.
Not very nice, but you can play it in PMode3 issuing BUGS2PM3 to start 
the game
In the zip you will find the manual in pdf format
You will find more info and download the game here

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