[Coco] CocoPi3 has been released (CocoFEST 2019 Release Edition)

Ron Klein ron at kdomain.org
Thu Apr 18 21:10:49 EDT 2019

It wouldn't be a new CocoPi3 release without a couple of minor bugs. Thanks
to the few folks that contacted me about the issues.

Bug #1
Please run option #22 from the Utilities Menu prior to launching any
emulators (only need to do this once).

Bug #2
The 'downloadNitrOS9EOU.sh' script needs to be edited. Change line 33 of
the file from:

unzip -o "/media/share1/EMU/EOU/NitrOS9-EOU-6309_LATEST.zip"

to this:

unzip -o "/media/share1/EMU/EOU/NitrOS9-EOU-6309-LATEST.zip"

I can provide an updated copy of the script that can be copied over the
original one as well.

Apologies for these issues!

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 1:01 PM Ron Klein <ron at kdomain.org> wrote:

> Just in time for CocoFEST...
> A new version of CocoPi3 has been released (CocoFEST 2019 Release Edition)
> It features:
> Overhauled menu (with simple and advanced modes)
> Latest version of MAME (0.208) and other development tools
> Michael Furman's 0.5 release of pyDriveWire (now the default DW daemon)
> Easy menu options to download and run latest NitrOS9 (currently at EOU
> Beta 3) and/or Fuzix (nightly builds)
> (Thank you Curtis and Brett)
> New framebuffer support that allows for custom background images and
> console fonts
> Optimized DOSBox support was added. Now able to run Jeff Vavasour's Coco 3
> emulator (512K) and at full speed!
> Much, much more.
> Grab the latest version at:
> Neil Blanchard's Site:
> http://www.marsdentheatrearchives.com/
> Choose "login as a guest"
> Select the "Marsden Theatre Archives" virtual folder.
> Select the RPi3" folder.
> You can also get it at:
> http://rickadams.org/ronklein
> http://ogsteviestrow.com/coco3/
> As a reminder, please make sure to read the documentation before use. It's
> extremely important to perform the "expand file system" step for your SD
> card. In addition, you will need to obtain the proper ROM images in order
> for things to work correctly.
> I'll also be at CocoFEST and able to copy the latest version. Please bring
> a 16GB micro SD card (or larger).
> For those of you who are not necessarily fans of emulators, the CocoPi3
> distribution would still make a great Coco / MC-10 / Dragon development
> platform as there are many community tools/utilities included. In addition,
> it also makes a great DriveWire (via pyDriveWire) server for hosting DSK
> images to real Coco's. pyDriveWire includes EMCEE protocol support so those
> with an MC-10 and a MCX-128 cartridge can benefit from this, too.
> Getting your real Coco / MC-10 online could not be easier. Go grab Michael
> Furman's DWTERM program here:
> https://github.com/n6il/DwTerm

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