[Coco] CocoPi3 has been released (CocoFEST 2019 Release Edition)

Ron Klein ron at kdomain.org
Mon Apr 15 14:01:38 EDT 2019

Just in time for CocoFEST...

A new version of CocoPi3 has been released (CocoFEST 2019 Release Edition)

It features:

Overhauled menu (with simple and advanced modes)

Latest version of MAME (0.208) and other development tools

Michael Furman's 0.5 release of pyDriveWire (now the default DW daemon)

Easy menu options to download and run latest NitrOS9 (currently at EOU Beta
3) and/or Fuzix (nightly builds)
(Thank you Curtis and Brett)

New framebuffer support that allows for custom background images and
console fonts

Optimized DOSBox support was added. Now able to run Jeff Vavasour's Coco 3
emulator (512K) and at full speed!

Much, much more.

Grab the latest version at:

Neil Blanchard's Site:


Choose "login as a guest"

Select the "Marsden Theatre Archives" virtual folder.

Select the RPi3" folder.
You can also get it at:

As a reminder, please make sure to read the documentation before use. It's
extremely important to perform the "expand file system" step for your SD
card. In addition, you will need to obtain the proper ROM images in order
for things to work correctly.

I'll also be at CocoFEST and able to copy the latest version. Please bring
a 16GB micro SD card (or larger).

For those of you who are not necessarily fans of emulators, the CocoPi3
distribution would still make a great Coco / MC-10 / Dragon development
platform as there are many community tools/utilities included. In addition,
it also makes a great DriveWire (via pyDriveWire) server for hosting DSK
images to real Coco's. pyDriveWire includes EMCEE protocol support so those
with an MC-10 and a MCX-128 cartridge can benefit from this, too.

Getting your real Coco / MC-10 online could not be easier. Go grab Michael
Furman's DWTERM program here:

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