[Coco] W A R N I N G!!!

rcrislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Fri Sep 21 16:14:19 EDT 2018

On Thu, 20 Sep 2018 06:27:57 +0000 (UTC)
Joe Schutts via Coco <coco at maltedmedia.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> While this warning pertains to Windows (and Linux) Based Systems it
> can also pertain to CoCo Users as well, especially if you are using a
> SATA or an IDE HD attached to an external SATA or IDE HD Docking
> Stations.
> I have a 2-Port External SATA Docking Station that I use mostly for
> long-term Program and Data storage using mostly 1TB (and up to 4TB)
> HD's. I recently added a 3-Port External Docking Station (1 IDE and 2
> SATA Ports) to my system.
> Somewhere between using the 2-Port and the 3-Port Docking Station
> (I'm still trying to figure out WHEN AND WHY this problem occurred)
> ALL of my information disappeared on several HD's. And when I say
> several HD's, I mean OVER 8-10 HD's. I figure I have lost OVER 10-16
> TB worth of info. Now the weird part is that ALL my Directories (AND
> my Sub-Directories) are STILL there and show up without any problems.
> The MAJOR problem is that ANY Directory (or Sub-Directory) that had
> ANY info in it, has disappeared... It's completely gone...
> Now I'm afraid to put anything on my HD's (using any external HD
> Docking Station of ANY type) to transfer files to any external HD.
> Now I'm pretty sure that the info is still there, but the question
> now becomes "HOW do I recover or access my old info?" Something else
> that enters into this puzzle is the part that ALL of these HD's were
> formatted in NTFS format. So now what program do I use or HOW do I
> recover my lost info???
> If ANYONE has ANY ideas on how I should proceed AND/OR which program
> I should try to use, PLEASE let me know as I've run out of ideas and
> VERY desperate...
> I hope this helps and that NO ONE else runs into this problem. I'd
> hate to see anyone else have this problem like me...
> Take care everyone...
> Joe...
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That exact same thing happened to me too, but I was not using the
devices you are. So I doubt they are they problem. I'm running Windows
10. I had off line backups so I could recover. Like you I do not have a
clue what caused it. Also None of my drives were over 1.5T at the time
this happened.

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