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Chicago is a major airport hub as well so most likely better airfare rates for most people.  Also, the local club does it for “love” whereas Falsoft was for profit.  They had their best attendance in Chicago and Somerset/Princeton NJ back in the day.

One day I would like to make it there.  My wife would be happy if I would load my van and drive everything there to sell or disperse!!

On Oct 15, 2018, at 7:45 AM, tim franklinlabs.com <tim at franklinlabs.com> wrote:

  I for one don't see the debate. Why move the fest? Why not have coco
  fests in other places as well as Chicago. Those who want it moved
  should organize fests in other places not force the move of an already
  established norm. I doubt you will get the turnout as high as the
  Chicago fest though. Moving is east then west would cause those on the
  opposite side not to come as it's too far and would cost a small
  fortune to travel across the country. Chicago is centralized enough
  that many actually drive to the fest. Like I said, I don't see the
  debate and wonder what the motivation is for the debate.


    On October 15, 2018 at 6:04 AM Frank Swygert <[1]farna at amc-mag.com>
    Chicago is the CoCoFest now, and was the biggest even when Falsoft
    running them. Good central location, I guess. There have been
    CoCoFests in
    other places. Atlanta for a number of years (I think by Falsoft then
    local club for a few more years), Pennsylvania for 2-3. Chicago is
    only one that has been sustained. Part of it is having a dedicated
    group willing to put up the money and do the work. After that it's
    enough attendees to at least break even -- event halls and hotels
    can be
    expensive! Chicago is established enough that you know enough
    vendors and
    folks will show up.
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