[Coco] 26-3003 Xmas Colors

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 23:45:57 EDT 2018

Hello all, I'm working on a 26-3003, CoCo 1. If I recall, that's an F
Board. The RS Tech doc has a different MB and Sam's Fact is for the

And so I'm having issues fixing the colors on this machine.

I've replaced the 6847, 1372 and the RF modulator. Also replaced the NPN...

However, the colors are all wrong. Cyan is green and orange is pink. Thus
the Xmas reference. Color Basic green looks good.

When I adjust the trim pot on the board, which I think is the 500ohm one,
it starts to alter the color correctly but the luminosity gets so dark.

Are there any technical docs and parts list for this board?

Oh, and yes, it's not the Tiny setting on the TV, I tried other CoCo 1s on
that TV and Canyon Climber looks ok.

Would appreciate any recommendations on getting this classic working.

ps Having just bought a 16channel digital logic probe, I was about to buy a
digital scope but the fairly new water boiler in my house died... taking
some retro stuff with the flooded water. :(


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