[Coco] Pre-Tandy Assembly 2018 Announcements: pyDriveWire v0.4 w/ EmCee support and DwTermMc10

Michael R. Furman n6il at ocs.net
Sat Nov 3 12:51:16 EDT 2018

Announcement: pyDriveWire v0.4 - Tandy Assembly 2018 Release

pyDriveWire - https://github.com/n6il/pyDriveWire <https://github.com/n6il/pyDriveWire>

Python Implementation of DriveWire 4 and EmCee Protocols

PyDriveWire is a nearly complete DriveWire4 and EmCee Server written in
Python. The goal is to eventually implement all of the features available.
The server also implements additional features that are not available in

PyDriveWire v0.4 also has experimental support for the EmCee Protocol for
use with MCX Basic on the TRS-80 MC-10.

DriveWire 4 and EmCee Procotols can be used simultaneously on the server
without reconfiguration.

New Features in pyDriveWire v0.4::

* (new for v0.4) Experimental EmCee Protocol Support
* (new for v0.4) Added Windows installation instructions
* (new for v0.4) Added pyDriveWire.bat file
* (new for v0.4) Remote dw command console
* (updated v0.4) dw server dir and dw server list commands enhanced to run
  on ALL OSes (Mac/Windows/Linux, etc)

Announcement: DWTermMc10 - DriveWire Terminal program for the MC-10

DwTermMc10 - https://github.com/n6il/DwTermMc10 <https://github.com/n6il/DwTermMc10>

DwTermMc10 is the world's first program for the TRS-10 MC-10 that uses the
DriveWire 4 Protocol!

DwTermMc10 is a simple DriveWire terminal program for the MC-10.  It uses
the MC-10's bit-banger port to communicate with any DriveWire server.
Standard AT commands can be used to communicate with any telnet server.
DwTermMc10 can also be used to remotely control the DriveWire server.

The pyDriveWire server is recommended for use with DwTermMc10 because it
supports both EmCee and DriveWire protocols.  The DriveWire 4 Java server
can also be used.

Example AT command:
* ATDT<host>:<IP>
Example dw command:
* dw disk show

* MCX Basic is required (Available on the MCX-128 Expansion module)
* pyDriveWire EmCee and DriveWire server
* At the prompt you can type any dw server commands:


Michael R. Furman
Email: n6il at ocs.net
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