[Coco] DECB development under OS9

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RSDOS at least partially works with the Cloud9 SuperIDE it can be used 
to display
a RSDOS directory if the virtual RS-DOS disk is described by the /ih 
I have not tryed put or get yet will soon now as this gets my curiosity 

On 2018-05-11 19:40, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Curtis, RSDOS only works with real disks and emulations of the wd1773.
> It will not work with DW4 or HDB/RGB dos partitions/dsks. Robert
> Gault's "HRSDOS" will do all of them. It's what I based the MShell
> RSDOS read/write code on.
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> I think the RSDOS utility will do this already, so you could set that
> up in a script to copy to/from a DECB disk image directly.L. Curtis
> Boylecurtisboyle at sasktel.net> On May 11, 2018, at 4:02 PM, Dave
> Philipsen <dave at davebiz.com> wrote:> > I have a possible project that
> I'd like to get a little input on.  I would like to use NitrOS9 as my
> development platform for programs that will run under DECB.  The
> reason for this is that NitrOS9 is well suited in that it has plenty
> of disk space and several assembler options available.  It would be
> easy to include the headers inside of the source code for
> compatibility with the DECB LOADM format as I've already done this
> with a cross assembler under DOS/Windows.  I'm not really keen on the
> idea of having to develop on a PC, transfer the output file via
> drivewire to the CoCo, and test.> > I have a CoCo3 with 512K and I
> have CoCoSDC that has disk images for booting NitrOS9 as well as
> images for DECB.  What I was thinking is that I could write a utility
> program that runs under NitrOS9 that would allow me to copy files back
> and forth to one of the DECB disk images on the CoCoSDC.  Maybe it has
> already been done.  Has anyone ever attempted this?  If not, is there
> anyone who would want to give me a little advice on how,
> theoretically, it might be done?> > I see there is a low level driver
> for the cocosdc and I'm wondering how difficult it would be to mount a
> DECB disk image and access the image as another drive under NitrOS9.
> I realize that because of the difference in disk format the drive
> would not be natively read/writeable from NitrOS9 but as long as all
> of the virtual sectors were accessible then I could write a program to
> access the data/programs in the DECB file system.  So I guess I'm
> asking whether it would be feasible to mount one or more DECB disk
> images on the CoCoSDC as virtual drives; /SD1, /SD2, etc.> > This
> would allow me to write a program under NitrOS9, assemble it, copy the
> DECB format binary to the correct DECB image on the CoCoSDC, then
> reboot the computer and test the program out in DECB. Another idea I
> have which would be an add-on to this would be a way to actually
> compile a NitrOS9 C program and either trap or replace the system
> calls and have the program usable under DECB.  I know this is a bit of
> a stretch but it might be possible if only certain limited system
> calls were used from the C program.> > > > Dave> > > -- > Coco mailing
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