[Coco] Multi-Vue display oddities (OS9 vs. NitrOS9)

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Wed Jun 27 14:08:21 EDT 2018

I also remember that the VIEWGIF command once worked better.
You could have a rendering in say /W5 but be editing a file in
/W7 for example. Now running VIEWGIF forces you to /W5. So you
loos your multitasking capabilities only by say using something like /z7 
or persumabialy telnet for you editing can you edit a file while VIEWGIF 
or VIEWVEF are rendering a picture, and for that mater even after 
rendering you cannot even view the picture pop to another window to do 
something else and then go back to the picture with CLEAR, I distincitly 
rember haveing the capibility with OS9 in the ninetys.

On 2018-05-22 23:38, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Travis, not only was GRFDRV updated in NitrOS9, but also MultiBVue
> itself, so if you are comparing old MV on NitrOS9 to old MV on OS9 or
> even new MV on OS9 to new MV on NitrOS9, then yes, it should look
> different. To get the best (and latest) experience, get the latest
> version of NitrOS9 and the latest version of MultiVue. There were very
> recent changes made in the graphics in MultiVue as well as GRFDRV, so
> even comparing one or the other to a year old build would be different
> :-)
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> All,I copied the contents of an OS-9 Level II hard drive to a NitrOS9
> (6309)VHD, and it seems to work. However, Multi-Vue does not display
> the scrollbars correctly, and draws a border around everything:OS9:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/ITeqG3lWnxYAujQ83NitrOS9:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/SaNDkxGHnawjSisy1Might this be something to
> do with CoWin vs. whatever modules OS-9 uses todo the same thing? The
> file systems should be nearly identical.Thanks,-- Travis PoppeIRC: tlp
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