[Coco] CF or SD/Micro SD adapter?

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Hi Ron,
Indeed, we have all that great stuff, too, thanks to the amazing work of Daren Atkinson, Ed Snider, Richard Lorbieski, Mark Marlette, Jim Brain, John Linville and others (I'm sure I'm forgetting many key innovators).
Check out this site to get an idea of what is available out there from a hardware and software perspective.  http://imacoconut.com/buy-sell-trade/
It's really quite amazing what's been done!

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 Subject: [Coco] CF or SD/Micro SD adapter?
Hi there.

My first computer was a 4k grey Color Computer that I received when I 
was nine.  About a year later it received an upgraded keyboard and 
memory(so I could play Sailor Man!).

During my junior high days my friends and I would verbally duke it out 
over who's computer was better because they either had an Apple II or a 
I must admit I was a little green with envy back then seeing the 
capabilities of what those machines could do.

Fast forward to present day where I've spent the past couple of years 
scooping up some of these old machines after realizing that those 
communities(Apple & Commodore) had made adapters in order to load disk 
or cartridge images, normally used in emulators, to now be used
with these classic machines.

So my question is has anyone in the Coco community made such an 
adapter?  Would love to pick one up as I still have my beloved first 

Thank you.


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