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I think the result just says that 9 people of 100 did not either voted to have cc3/cc2/other or any emulator.

To make sure that the the numbers correspondent with the total number of voters, of which you build your case on, the voting system should be maded to do just that.

1 = cc3/cc2/dragon, fpga
2 = emulator ( any )
3 = other

In this case the sum of all the percents are 100 % ( only then if the voter is forced to use one of the tree options ), and your addition holds stand. 

so in this case there are 91 voters that choose either 1 and/or 2 and the rest (9) did not take either of the options. Because of that you can not add 46 + 45 to reflect the whole number of voters.

my $0.02 worth of thaught
On 2/25/2018 9:39:10 AM, Wayne Campbell <asa.rand at gmail.com> wrote:
I just voted. I looked at the results, and the totals are strange. The
physical Hardware counts, CoCo3 + CoCo1/2 + Dragon, comes to 46%. All of
the emulators comes to 45%. That's a total of 91%. Where's the other 9%? I
think the algorithm is faulty.


On Feb 25, 2018 7:28 AM, "Francis Swygert" wrote:

> I just took a look at the results. Interestingly, if you add up all the
> emulators, there is 32% using emulators, 34% using a real CoCo3. Take out
> Xroar and JS Mocha since they are Dragon and CoCo2 based, and there is
> still 30% using emulators. Of course MESS/MAME and Jeff Vavasour could be
> either CoCo2 or 3, but I suspect most are using CoCo3 versions mainly with
> maybe an occasional foray into CoCo2. I find it a bit surprising that 22%
> are using Dragons or CoCo 1/2s, but then they are probably using CoCo3s or
> emulators as well. That's the problem with multiple entries! It's just a
> simple polling system... once this has run for about 30 days I'll decipher
> the info and put up a couple more polls to further disseminate the
> collected info. Frank Swygert
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