[Coco] Frank Hogg Labs E-Forth, patched to run on the CoCo3FPGA + VCC + Jeff Vavasour's emulator

Leslie Ayling layling at bigpond.net.au
Sat Feb 24 11:30:52 EST 2018

Hi Stephen, Dave, Carlos, et al.

Please find a patched version of Frank Hogg's eForth V1.0 attached.

I've tested it with the VCC 2.01, Jeff V, and David Keil's emulators.

Don't have my DE1 board with me to test, but I'm confident it should work fine on the Coco3FPGA too.
Will also work as expected on *real* CoCo hardware.

Archive includes some notes about the patch.

Copyright message has been shortened slightly, as that was the only place I could think of to hide the patch :)

Let me know if you have any problems, otherwise feel free to upload to the usual archives.



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Well, if any of you smart guys can produce a patched version of the FHL E-Forth, would you please be kind enough to share it, so I can finally get it on my CoCo3FPGA?  That way, I will finally be able to read the screen and finally be able to actually use it!  8-)

Thanks a million, in advance!

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Stephen Pereira
Bedford, NH  03110

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