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Fri Feb 23 15:41:07 EST 2018

Bill Pirce is correct -- FLEX was CoCo 1/2 only. There is an interview with Frank Hogg in "Tandy's Little Wonder". I did the interview myself. I think it's there that he mentioned that he considered FLEX superior to OS-9 on the CoCo 1/2 because FLEX actually worked better with the limited memory (64K  - FLEX only used 8K or RAM, so left 48K to work with). Once the CoCo3 came out with up to 512K any advantage FLEX had over OS-9 evaporated. FLEX was single-tasking, but there wasn't a lot of useful multi-tasking you could do in 64K. Yes, it could be done, but the processes better be small with little user space required! Even with only 128K OS-9 was usable for two users running something like a word processor and a spread sheet at the same time... as long as the documents weren't too big. Frank Swygert
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