[Coco] RS-232 Pak problems

Christopher R. Hawks chawks at dls.net
Sat Feb 3 23:44:25 EST 2018

On Sat, 3 Feb 2018 22:02:06 -0600
Allen Huffman <alsplace at pobox.com> wrote:

> >> RS232 PAK DB25 -> DB9 ——— TX/RX/GND DB9
> > 
> > Allen:
> > 
> >    Like we always tell the newbies. Explain EXACTLY what you are
> > doing. You told how your CoCo is set up and about the cable. Is it
> > plugged in to something? What? My RS-232 pak doesn't have any
> > lights...
> Yep, that is *exactly* what I am doing. I want to connect the DB25 of
> an RS-232 Pak to a serial device that only has TX, RX and GND.

OK at now we know that the cable is connected to SOME device.

> >    Also, I think I remember seeing on the list that the RS-232 pak
> > does not pass characters in to the receive registers without one of
> > the status lines being asserted (don't remember which).
> This is what I am trying to track down. It’s been too long.
> Everything, back then, supported all the lines. Today, none of these
> devices do ;-)
> 		— A

    I _think_ the RS-232 pak has at least one status output. If you
check the DB25 pinout, you can try connecting the pak's status outputs
to it's inputs to see if that gets it going.

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