[Coco] SDCX Image

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 00:25:25 EST 2018

Hi Bill,

You are probably using the disk images in the /SIERRA/FLOPPY folder. These 
disks are intended to be copied on real floppy disks. Instead use the disks 
images in /SIERRA. They are made specifically for the Coco SDC and contains 
all the required files to run the games so there is no need to swap disks.

I hope that helps!


"Bill Gunshannon"  a écrit dans le message de groupe de discussion : 
SN6PR01MB4719F9B8ABE0A5B11C3A8DD2EDBB0 at SN6PR01MB4719.prod.exchangelabs.com...

I was looking at this to see what was on there that my
grandson might enjoy.  Most of the Sierra disks boot
from disk 1 and then ask you to swap in disk 2.  How
does one do that with the SDCX images?


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