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Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Tue Dec 25 09:07:14 EST 2018


Please make your specific program comments / additions to Henry's list, which is a great start, IMHO.

Everyone adds to it, the relevant information, then the list can be archived to be preserved for future use.
GREAT reference doc. Otherwise I can see the same question being asked over and over..... :)


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On Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 12:15:53 AM CST, Arthur Flexser <flexser at fiu.edu> wrote: 

The list seems a trifle misleading, in that many programs that absolutely
require only 128K run much better if you have 512K.  So, while the list
notes some programs that require 512K for no disk swap, there are a much
greater number of programs that can run in 128K but use 512K in other ways,
such as games allowing more levels or Extended ADOS-3 including a built-in
Ramdisk or word processors with much larger buffers under 512K.



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