[Coco] 512k coco programs

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Tue Dec 25 00:38:50 EST 2018

This isn’t complete, but it’s a start. 

Here is the current list for 256/512KB CoCo Software:
as of: 12/12/18 | 12:19PM EST.
Please chime in if you think of more / revisions etc.
Note: as comments are added, I'll delete them as I
revise the master list here. I don't have admin ability
to just delete other user comments, so periodically
I'll delete and repost the list.


Barbarian quest
Crystal City
Digger 2
Digger 3
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Remix
Gold Runner 2000
Kings Quest 1 (OS 9)
Kings Quest 2 (OS 9)
Kings Quest 3
Kings Quest 4 (OS 9)
Kyum-Gai: To Be Ninja OS9 Ver (256K Req)
Liesure Suit Larry
Manhunter 1
Manhunter 2
Pacdude Monster Maze
Pacman Transcode
Popstar Pilot
Police Quest 1 (OS 9)
Police Quest 2 (OS 9)
QuarterMeg (256K)
Return of the Saint
Rogue (512k required for ascii graphics)
Smash (OS 9)
Space Quest
The Black Cauldron
Those Darn Marbles
Wildwest (512K support for no disk swap)

CoCoMax (512k support for no disk swap)
ColorMax Deluxe
NitrOS-9 EOU
Netmate Comm
Twilight Terminal

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