[Coco] CNR Engineering SP-3 (serial to parallel interface) - Manual?

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sun Dec 23 21:44:56 EST 2018

Jameco is one of the many places I shopped for parts. I even have a 
screwdriver I use often. Opps, it has JDR Microdevices on it.

I ordered a $3 cable from them recently which with shipping, small price 
minimum added up to ~ $12. Their website allowed me to determine that 
the cable was the exact one I needed. Unforgettably I did not order 
connectors as that may be the real problem.

Jameco even survived some "Gray Market" sales unlike another Surplus 
Electronics store which closed. A TV station showed a picture of 
Jameco's building in the piece on the "Gray Market". Jameco appears to 
be buying up the stock of the closing other Surplus Electronics stores.

I think you are referring to Tony's many articles as CoCoROS does not 
show up in "Rainbow text searchable index v1".



On 12/23/2018 6:23 PM, Andrew wrote:
> Stephen, in regards to the interface, I just wanted something more in 
> line with the "retro"-ness of the hardware; something that, had I the 
> knowledge back then as a kid, I would have begged my parents for. There 
> was no way back then I could have built an interface directly to the 
> CoCo for such a project.
> That said, I decided to go ahead and get a few of those chips; Jameco 
> still carries them. I also grabbed some DIN connectors for other 
> potential projects. As well as a couple of 5V 1F supercaps to replace 
> the memory backup battery in a Model 100 I picked up recently.
> One other project I've wanted to build (and probably should dig thru the 
> Rainbow back issues to see what parts are needed) was the CoCoROS - 
> which was basically another take on a bus interface for the CoCo; IIRC, 
> the original goal of the project was for robotics control. Which is yet 
> another vintage project I want to make - a computer-controlled Tomy 
> Armatron. When I was a kid, I bought the Radio Electronics Magazine with 
> and article detailing how to do this (and connect it up to a Vic-20 or 
> C64). I even bought the motors from Radio Shack at the time for it, and 
> still have them.
> I always wanted to construct it, and now I have virtually all the parts 
> needed. I just gotta quit being lazy and do it...
> I recall in the Rainbow one or two vendors that sold converted 
> Armatrons; one was on wheels and had a camera mounted on it. I'd love to 
> do something like that myself (I have a DS-69b), maybe without the 
> wheeled platform...

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