[Coco] OS9 Dilema

Walter zambotti at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 23 00:47:51 EST 2018

I had a blonde moment or got jipped with my OS9 build.


As you know I have trying to resurrect my 42track DS floppy drive without
much success.


But I managed to get my Tandy FD-502 controller and floppy drive working and
that was capable of

accessing 40 tracks.


I managed to find one of my OS9 floppies that hadn't written beyond track 40
and booted up! Yay!!!


I decided I needed to backup this floppy before doing anything else.


But I could not use backup as backup requires identically sized media.


So I ran dsave and generated a script to do a file by file backup.


(I could only use the script as a guide because it is not designed to be
used on a single drive system.)


But 128 floppy changes later!


I was ready to os9gen the backup floppy.


$ load /d0/cmds/os9gen

$ os9gen /d0 -s #32K



And that was the end of my last bootable OS9 Lvl 2 floppy.


I'm annoyed that os9gen (that the -s option) did not prompt me to exchange
the floppy at any stage.


So in the end it over wrote the current (and wrong) floppy.


I now only have some OS9 Lvl1 35 track singled sided floppies left.


I can see the directory of the OS9 Lvl 2 floppy, but that's all!  Without a
40 track double sided descriptor I'm stuck!


In addition I can't find any floppy with the MODS (modules) directory so I
can load a Double Side 40 track descriptor .


Is it possible to save the 35 track SS descriptor from memory to floppy,
then edit that 
to be a 40T_DS descriptor and load it back into mem?




My real mission is to get Lvl 2 booted with drivewire drivers. So I can
transfer all my floppies to images.


The required OS9 floppy images are in the archive or on the git server and
that's not the problem.


The problem is how do I get the floppy image to a really 360K floppy?


I don't have an old PC with a 5.25" floppy!


Any ideas?



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