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Luis Fernández luis46coco at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 21 06:30:44 EST 2018

>(shudder) CoCoDiskUtil, lol
I know, CocoDskUtil is not finished, it does not record, I have to finish it, bad me

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Be careful, as I said before, NitrOS-9 will not run many of my scripts.

What works with that shell has not been documented AFAIK.

That's one of many reasons it's SHF17 and good old OS-9 I used
back in 1990.

My method that I used after finding that VCC stops on the very first
line sent to "/p" was to write to a CoCo disk file and then use
(shudder) CoCoDiskUtil to get the files to Windows files.

It now appears that the author of EmuDisk has given up.

Latest commit 19b4614 on Aug 6, 2017

But wait, Jeff's CoCo2 Emulator has a CoCo to PC option that may run in
a CMD Window or a DOS BOX whatever that is.

But so many things get in the way, I just figured out what was wrong
with my internet, I need to move my automatic HDTV capture program to
the beta test of CW_EPGHelper. That task may take until next year.

So many other things. Being without Internet for eight (8) hours was

Thanks for the help.


On 12/20/2018 6:19 AM, Robert Gault wrote:
> Well this is far from what I was thinking but it does work.
> hdirect /x0 >hlog1
> hdirect /x1 >hlog2
> etc.
> Since I am on a VCC hard drive, there is lots of room for the directory
> listing. Once HDirect is finished, the hlog files could be sent to the
> VCC printer.
> I've not yet tried to write a ShellPlus script to automate the hdirect
> command.
> Robert
> Robert Gault wrote:
>> Stephen,
>> I am using VCC 2.01b and HDirect runs as expected. Unfortunately I
>> just ran a test with DWire and
>> while I have been able to get HDirect to print to the screen, it will
>> not redirect output to /p.
>> I'll have to look at the source code for HDirect to see if it can be
>> altered.
>> Robert
>> Stephen Fischer wrote:
>>> The use of Drivewire is something I have not have thought about,
>>> perhaps might work.
>>> But wait, I found a bug in VCC that the VCC output capture of HDirect
>>> stops at the first line.
>>> Perhaps that has been fixed in one of the many VCCs around. That's
>>> why my attempts stalled. VC 1.42
>>> I think was the version I used.
>> <snip>

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