[Coco] OS-9 C was Re: 3rdPart Editor

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Wed Dec 19 23:28:50 EST 2018

On Wednesday 19 December 2018 21:52:47 Stephen Fischer wrote:

> Gene, the intended destination for the text output is a disk file on
> windows which VCC will write for other output sent to /p after some
> setup in VCC.
> No printers involved.
Maybe, but I'm partial to dead tree stuff I can punch and put in a binder 
or folder to refresh me that I actually did write the stuff when someboy 
asks a question about it after my memory has been well rinsed a decade 
down the log.

> On 12/19/2018 6:20 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Wednesday 19 December 2018 20:32:57 Robert Gault wrote:
> >> Stephen,
> >>
> >> I am using VCC 2.01b and HDirect runs as expected. Unfortunately I
> >> just ran a test with DWire and while I have been able to get
> >> HDirect to print to the screen, it will not redirect output to /p.
> >>
> >> I'll have to look at the source code for HDirect to see if it can
> >> be altered.
> >>
> >> Robert
> >
> > Drivewire doesn't come with a re-director because theres only 396
> > kajillien printers, so I wrote my own and moved a cheap B&W brother
> > laser to the basement, plugged into the same usb port off this
> > machine, so the data stream from /p (the drivewire version of /p is
> > in the coco's boot file) is captured and written to a 25 file round
> > robin on this nachine, the closing of that file then triggers
> > inotifywait, which launches a bash script that feeds that file to
> > cups with instruction to use the laser.  Its rather neat when I'm
> > working on some code and I want a paper copy, just list it >/p on
> > the coco3, and about 4 seconds after the prompt comes back, the
> > laser warms itself up and starts spitting out paper at 19 PPM. 
> > Something like 100 times faster than any other printer I've ever had
> > that the coco could use.
> >
> > I think I've hacked on the copy of this I am useing, but theres a
> > basic copy of it on my web page in the usual place. Modify to suit &
> > send me electronic flowers, or bring 2 cold ones by and I'll drink
> > one with you while trading war stories if you have any.
> >
> >> Stephen Fischer wrote:
> >>> The use of Drivewire is something I have not have thought about,
> >>> perhaps might work.
> >>>
> >>> But wait, I found a bug in VCC that the VCC output capture of
> >>> HDirect stops at the first line. Perhaps that has been fixed in
> >>> one of the many VCCs around. That's why my attempts stalled. VC
> >>> 1.42 I think was the version I used.
> >>
> >> <snip>

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