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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Wed Dec 19 21:20:10 EST 2018

On Wednesday 19 December 2018 20:32:57 Robert Gault wrote:

> Stephen,
> I am using VCC 2.01b and HDirect runs as expected. Unfortunately I
> just ran a test with DWire and while I have been able to get HDirect
> to print to the screen, it will not redirect output to /p.
> I'll have to look at the source code for HDirect to see if it can be
> altered.
> Robert
Drivewire doesn't come with a re-director because theres only 396 
kajillien printers, so I wrote my own and moved a cheap B&W brother 
laser to the basement, plugged into the same usb port off this machine, 
so the data stream from /p (the drivewire version of /p is in the coco's 
boot file) is captured and written to a 25 file round robin on this 
nachine, the closing of that file then triggers inotifywait, which 
launches a bash script that feeds that file to cups with instruction to 
use the laser.  Its rather neat when I'm working on some code and I want 
a paper copy, just list it >/p on the coco3, and about 4 seconds after 
the prompt comes back, the laser warms itself up and starts spitting out 
paper at 19 PPM.  Something like 100 times faster than any other printer 
I've ever had that the coco could use.

I think I've hacked on the copy of this I am useing, but theres a basic 
copy of it on my web page in the usual place. Modify to suit & send me 
electronic flowers, or bring 2 cold ones by and I'll drink one with you 
while trading war stories if you have any.

> Stephen Fischer wrote:
> > The use of Drivewire is something I have not have thought about,
> > perhaps might work.
> >
> > But wait, I found a bug in VCC that the VCC output capture of
> > HDirect stops at the first line. Perhaps that has been fixed in one
> > of the many VCCs around. That's why my attempts stalled. VC 1.42 I
> > think was the version I used.
> <snip>

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