[Coco] OS-9 C was Re: 3rdPart Editor

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Wed Dec 19 21:11:49 EST 2018

I use the ShellPlus redirection to write to a file or /p.

I think just "HDIRECT /D1 >/p" might be all that is needed.

Unfortunately that part of ShellPlus is suspect in NitrOS-9, Gene and I 
found the same bug within weeks.

One of these is busted, >>+ I remember.

 >+filename - also >>+ and >>>+. Appends output to end of [filename].

 >-filename - also >>- and >>>-. Overwrites contents of [filename].

 From the ShellPlus 2.1 documentation that I have online with some 
example scripts.


allowable path mnemonics are supported : <, >, >>,
<>, <>>, <>>>, >>>

Similar to OS9/68000. Great for appending to logs or help files, or merging
modules. Or for using the same temporary filename by overwriting.

 >+filename - also >>+ and >>>+. Appends output to end of [filename].

 >-filename - also >>- and >>>-. Overwrites contents of [filename].

(I do not have any usable VCC on my W10 Laptop, I paid extra money to be 
able to use Hyper-v, it works somewhat but running VCC on Vista on 
Hyper-v on my W10 Laptop does not work like previous emulators I used 


On 12/19/2018 5:32 PM, Robert Gault wrote:
> Stephen,
> I am using VCC 2.01b and HDirect runs as expected. Unfortunately I just 
> ran a test with DWire and while I have been able to get HDirect to print 
> to the screen, it will not redirect output to /p.
> I'll have to look at the source code for HDirect to see if it can be 
> altered.
> Robert
> Stephen Fischer wrote:
>> The use of Drivewire is something I have not have thought about, 
>> perhaps might work.
>> But wait, I found a bug in VCC that the VCC output capture of HDirect 
>> stops at the first line.
>> Perhaps that has been fixed in one of the many VCCs around. That's why 
>> my attempts stalled. VC 1.42
>> I think was the version I used.
> <snip>

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