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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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Bill, I don't think you understand...
The makefiles present in the repo are NOT OS9 makefiles. They are for the make included in the Mercurial distro used to build the NitrOS9 repo on modern machines. None of the OS9 makes will work with those makefiles. In fact, the repo cannot be built at all under OS9.

I also think you're over-estimating make and what it does. Make does not produce anything. All make does is scan for a given filetype (defined in the makefile) and recursively calls the proper module until all files are done. Make has very little in "commands" as the flags used in the makefiles are generated elsewhere in "rules.mak" or other makefiles or defs files. The flags pace through make are usually being passed on to the designated C compiler module. The macros created in the makefiles determine what program make calls for what file extention.
Neither of the two makes for OS9 have extensive enough functionality to handle most of what's done in the repo (like ed).

If you are having a problem building as simple, single C file, then I doubt make is the problem. You have probably not defined your build process in the makefile.

And I was wrong... the docs for make are NOT in the C compiler manual. In fact, make didn't come in the C compiler package as make will not work in OS9 L1 due to 64k memory limits. Make came with the Level 2 Developer's System. You'll find make's description in that manual.
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On 12/17/18 12:37 AM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Bill, a lot of the problem you're having is a 30 year old "make" utility, trying to make a modern "makefile".
> The make in the NitrOS9 C compiler package will in no way make the makefiles used in the repo. Make has come a long way since 1985.

Actually I came to that conclusion after reading someone else's comments

about the original make, which is the one I was using.  I have found the 

in the NitrOS9 distribution and will give that a shot today.

> I'm not sure which make is in the repo as there are 2. One is the Microware version that came with the original C compiler.

That's the one with the C Compiler and the one I have been trying to use

until now.

> The other is Tim Koonce's make which supports a little more and isn't tied to specific drives like the old one. Syntax between the two are similar, but there are differences.

Syntax wasn't really the problem, the syntax of the makefiles was good,

what it tried to do from that was the problem and I suspect it's because

the program is known to be buggy.

> What little bit of a manual there is for TK's make (help files) is on RTSI. Microware's make docs are in the C Compiler manual.

Nothing in my C manual (I got the Tandy copy very early on) and nothing 
in any

of the Microware C manuals I found online.

But, as I said, I am going to build the newer one and see where it goes

from there.


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