[Coco] Latest C Compiler Chain

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sun Dec 16 18:25:46 EST 2018

On Sunday 16 December 2018 15:32:57 Stephen Fischer wrote:

> I can send you the last iteration of our attempts to improve on the
> "C" Compiler, sources and documentation included. Plus a copy of the
> 6309 assembler source.
> When TandyCoCo.com was taken down and everything was lost, I became
> perhaps the last owner of the parts of the latest "C" compiler chain.
> Just about everything has had rewrites and tweaks, some by Gene.
Mmmm, thanks for the flowers.

> As far as "ed", that was not included in the effort.

I don't know as I ever had a copy of that, I've done the huge majority of 
my work with Dynastar (early) and the patched tsedit, now called vim on 
my system which can be launched with a 56k buffer.

>   http://www.os9projects.com/C_Compiler/Compiler.html
> was to be the final resting place but it never got the files.

> You can't pick and chose as the parts are all tied together via the
> last iteration of "CC".

You can make any version of CC work, its a shell script and can be 

> TandyCoCo.com took down a huge amount of my work and of others,
> perhaps intentionally.

I've wondered if copyright may have had something to do with that, after 
all, Walt Disney bought the best law he could bribe congress into 
passing. And Cher even had the audacity to complain about life + 70 
years not being long enough. That has done more to stifle technological 
progress than anything else including the income tax.

> Bill has his own methods and may have been part of the take down.
Maybe I'm not observing close enough.

> I have at times provided the parts to persons but nothing has been
> heard by me after.

Same here, I know my web site has been raided rather extensively, 2 books 
long out of print usually constitute the majority of the dlds, but with 
1 or 2 exceptions over the last decade and change, no one has sent a 
thank you msg.  And no one has ever asked me to take something down 
either. The former is discouraging. The latter? Yes, I do read the logs.

One item seems to be popular with the Chinese, when they can get thru 
the "peoples firewall". I won't name it for obvious reasons. Lets just 
assume that anyone caught with it on that side of the pond will probably 
just dissappear.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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