[Coco] Digger3 not booting?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Dec 9 16:52:06 EST 2018

Here is the result of further testing on a 512k Coco3 with a Disto Super Controller II using Disk 
Basic 2.1.

The game disk was loaded into Drivewire and copied over to a 2.5" MF2DD disk formatted on the Coco 
in disk 1. This disk was selected with DRIVE1, the game started with LOADM"D3", and seemed to run 

Given the above, it is likely that the SDC hardware is causing a problem.


rietveld rietveld wrote:
> I cant get Digger3 Demo to run on my Disto 2MB coco3
> I trried running "D3" from both SDC and physical floppy
> All I get is a black screen with the SDC, and non stop disk spinning with a real floppy?

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